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CityGate Grille Beer Dinner and Beer Battle

CityGate Grille Beer Dinner and Beer Battle

Let’s get ready to rumble! On Wednesday July 29th, on the CityGate Grille patio, brews from the city and suburbs will go head to head for Chicagoland Beer supremacy. Guests will be served six delicious menu rounds, and will vote for their favorite beer pairing after each round. Votes will be tallied at the end of the night to determine the undisputed champion. If you are a beer lover, you don’t want to miss this night. 

Brew Brawl Menu Rounds
Each round features a menu item fresh from the Grill.

Round 1

Metropolitan krankshaft vs. Solemn oath happy fun

chicken thigh yakitori, wheat beer shoyu, scallions, grilled smoked sausage, house-made spicy pickles, garlic naan

Round 2

Metropolitan heliostat vs. Two brothers dog days

grilled watermelon, watercress, arugula, hazelnuts, feta, basil vinaigrette

Round 3

Off color apex predator vs. Penrose devoir

charcuterie & cheese w/grilled pretzel bread

Round 4

Half acre akari shogun vs. Solemn oath promiscuou’s apostrophe

grilled shrimp & scallop with rosemary, charred jalapeno-mango relish

Round 5

Off color scurry vs. Two brothers domaine dupage

ale braised beef short rib, loaded potato puree, garlic brioche

Round 6

Half acre vallejo vs. Penrose p-2

flourless chocolate cake, raspberry coulis & fresh berries
The event starts at 6:30 pm. Ringside seats cost $60. For reservations, please call 630.718.1010.
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