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As wedding season hits peak, The Grille receives this June bride's blush-worthy review

Congratulations to CityGate Grille Wedding Designer Barb Spall and her team at CityGate Grille. The Grille has received consecutive picks in 2018 and 2019 for's Best of Weddings, and is on its way to being a 2020 pick with reviews such as the one submitted this week. review

The 5-star review reads:

What can we say about CityGate other than AMAZING! More than what is their who. Barb is literally CityGate's angel! My husband and I can not explain enough how fantastic of a person she truly is. She truly made the planning process such a breeze for us. She was always quick to respond with any and all of our questions and helped us form back up plans when the weather got questionable for our big day. I could go on and on about what a fantastic coordinator you will get if you choose WHEN you pick them, I'll continue ;)

Another high point about CityGate is their food! We were told by pretty much by all of our guests it's some of the best they've ever eaten at a wedding!!

Let's not forget the bonus of CityGate working side by side with Hotel Arista!! AHMAZING hotel!

So if you're looking for somewhere to check a lot of your must have wedding planning boxes; pick CityGate!

BEST coordinator! GREAT food! FANTASTIC nearby hotel accommodations!

Contact Barb at to learn more about hosting your dream wedding at CITYGATE! best of weddings badge


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