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CityGate Chefs Cook Up Freshness from Their Own Garden

CityGate's Chefs' Garden is blooming!

CityGate is bursting into summer with its on-site Chefs’ Garden. Six rows of tomatoes in all shapes and sizes, three rows of heirloom sweet and hot peppers, plus zucchini, basil, oregano, celery, dill, chives, green onions and three different types of mint comprise this year's


CityGate's master gardener Leo Barrios planted and tends the garden, while staff from Che Figata and Citygate Grille harvest the fresh ingredients at the peak of their seasons to create memorable experiences for restaurant guests.

“Once the garden is up and blooming we like to harvest daily so the crops continue to grow; the more pick the more you get,” said CityGate Grille Executive Chef Adam Tanner. “We take those fresh vegetables, herbs and tomatoes to make daily and weekly specials throughout the summer, as well as include them in our many regular menu items that call for fresh ingredients.“

CityGate Grille Executive Chef Adam Tanner and Hotel Arista & Che Figata Executive Chef Austin Fausett both look to the Garden to create unique experiences for their guests.
Adam Tanner
Chef Adam hosted a Grain to Glass dinner.

Last year, CityGate Grille's Chef Adam hosted a Grain to Glass dinning experience featuring fresh ingredients from the Chefs' Garden and spirits from a maker that grows its own grains. Later this summer, Chef Austin will host a virtual cooking class featuring fresh garden ingredients.

“At Che Figata we highlight the garden’s produce as often as possible by harvesting fresh in the morning,” Chef Austin said. “We use a lot of the garden’s tomatoes for our salads and other fresh preparations in the restaurant."

Zucchinis and peppers are used throughout Che Figata's dishes and dinner specials, and in sauces and garnishes sold in its fresh market.

“We even use fresh garden mint in a number of our cocktails at Hotel Arista's cocktail bar, Zorba,“ Chef Austin added.

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