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Dog Days of summer arrive at Che Figata

The term “Dog Days of Summer” originates in ancient times, when Romans and Greeks referred to the late July time of year when the “dog star” Sirius appeared to rise before the sun.

As the Dog Days approach, Che Figata, steeped in Italian tradition, is launching its Puppy Patio Menu.

The furkid-friendly menu features items selected by Founder and Executive Chef Mark Grimes, to accommodate Che Figata guests and their canine companions, including FetchMe Grigio, a dog wine.

“Don’t worry, it’s not alcoholic and not made from grapes, which are unhealthy for dogs,” said Grimes. “FetchMe Grigio is made from filtered water, infused with organic bacon extract and enriched with organic salmon oil, so it’s in keeping with our natural, ingredient-based offerings.”

Other Puppy Patio Menu items include a burger bowl, porchetta ear, a cicchetti bowl of treats, and Galvania water, sparkling or still.


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