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Honoring heritage & character, Naperville business celebrates 25 years

Mae Calamos
Mae Calamos launched Primacy Business Center 25 years ago in Naperville

In September 1998, Mae Calamos launched Primacy Business Center, a provider of full-service executive office suites in Naperville. Throughout its 25 years the business has evolved, adapting with changes in the modern workplace, to be a premier provider of virtual office and virtual assistant services with a nearly 16,000 square-foot inventory of executive offices, day offices and meeting rooms.

A native of Arizona’s Pima Indian Tribe, Calamos incorporated the Pima legend of the Man in the Maze into both the Primacy Business Center logo and its approach to doing business. A favorite tale her grandmother shared of the man called Se-eh-ha who built his home as a labyrinth with winding passages to provide comfort, peace and safety from adversaries, Calamos relates it to providing peace and security for her clients. Her mission for Primacy is to guide and support its clients during twists and turns along their journey to success.

Primacy Business Center logo
The Man in the Maze symbol in the logo reflects the Pima heritage of founder Mae Calamos, and her commitment to guiding clients on their business journey.

“When an individual is developing their business, often they must compromise putting time and effort into new ideas or honing their professional skills to accommodate necessary administrative tasks such as bookkeeping and IT solutions,” says Primacy General Manager Paulina Lockwood. “Primacy is here to be a trusted partner—guiding them in these tasks or managing them turnkey on their behalf—so they can focus on their core products and services and move forward on their journey.”

In its 25 years, Primacy has nimbly adapted to change in its own journey as a small business, growing its services while successfully maintaining its original offering. Its rentable square footage for dedicated offices is 94 percent occupied, demonstrating a clear desire to separate homelife and work life holds strong, even while businesses embrace work-from-home and hybrid arrangements.

For those who choose remote work, the credibility of a mailing address in a recognized office center, the desire for live and professional telephone greetings, and the demand for the well-appointed meeting rooms and workspace Primacy offers is unwavering.

For information on services and facilities, visit or call 630.780.1000.


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