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Let's Talk Turkey ... and stuffing and more!

CityGate Grille & Che Figata offering dine-in and serve-at-home holiday options.

Leaves falling in the MIdwest and the holiday season is approaching. What are you plans to celebrate America's favorite holiday meal?

Both CityGate Grille and Che Figata are offering prix fixe menus when you dine in Thanksgiving Day. CityGate Grille is offering a traditional holiday meal - even with seconds - and Che Figata is putting an Italian twist on its turkey & stuffing. Reservations now are open for Thanksgiving at CityGate Grille and at Che Figata.

A variety of foods served at CityGate Grille for Thanksgiving 2020
Fill your plate, then fill it again at CityGate Grille's Thanksgiving table.

If you have a more intimate, at-home meal in mind, let us do the work! Order ahead and pickup your hot & read meal on Thanksgiving Day! Order CityGate Grille or order Che Figata online.

Learn more by visiting CityGate Grille Thanksgiving or Che Figata Thanksgiving today.


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