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NBC's Chicago Fire shoots at CITYGATE

Wednesdays are known as Chicago Night on NBC-TV with back-to-back episodes of the television hit series Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD airing each week. The three shows are filmed entirely in the Chicago area, according to producers, and CITYGATE in Naperville was a recent film location, with the episode scheduled to air at 8 p.m. Central, Nov. 13.

Naperville native David Eigenberg was back home and in character as Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann during a pivotal scene scheduled to air Nov. 13.

Crew members arrived at CITYGATE a day in advance, masking the true identities of CityGate Grille and Calamos Investments for a scene shot outside the building that houses both at 2020 Calamos Ct. The attention to detail was remarkable: When building a temporary median for the scene alongside existing plant-filled medians, production crew members not only matched the type of plants, but they measured to be sure the sizes of the plants offered continuity.

Since property owner Mae Calamos (center, checkered jacket) is a fan of the show, the actors paused for a pose.

The shoot itself of a few scenes in the upcoming show was a daylong event, starting about 6 a.m. and concluding 13 hours later. Breakdown of the set continued into the following morning.


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