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Ultimate Road Rally Calls Che Figata the Finish Line

Chicago Motor Cars Ultimate Road Rally, is an invitation-only event that brings together exotic cars on a teamwork-intensive mission. On Oct. 14, the URR was composed of 30 cars and six teams provided with a special route and challenges to complete along the way. The final destination of the rally was CityGate Centre where teams topped off the event with a private dinner at Che Figata.

As an invitational, details of the rally were made available only to participating team members. Chicago Motor Cars' public website description read, "This is an upscale event, so expect a great dining experience with gourmet options. Ultimate Road Rally is the definition of the name."

"It was exciting to host such an extravagant event," said CityGate Centre Sr. Sales Manager Kristine Chinnichi.

The operations team at CityGate Centre made special accommodations, redirecting traffic on CityGate Lane through the parking garage and reserving the road outside of Che Figata for rally cars. And while Che Figata has two private dining rooms, Chicago Motor Club chose a whole-house buyout for its exclusive event.

"One of the things that's so great about Che Figata is we can do a whole-house private event, but still serve walk-up guests in the dining area of the adjacent Zorba Cocktail Lounge," Chinnichi said. "Our design allows us to accommodate all of our guests."

Chicago Motor Cars Ultimate Road Rally concluded with a private event at Che Figata


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