Look & Feel Great @ CITYGATE

Arista Spa & Salon

Artfully designed to soothe the body and enrich the soul, Arista Spa & Salon blends ancient Mediterranean healing with modern innovation, cherished rituals for cleansing and wellness with the best science has to offer your skin,hair & body.

Olympus Executive Fitness

An elite training gym for busy people who want to reach their fitness goals on their terms, Olympus is small, quiet and personal, offering an upscale loft-style environment and top-of-the-line amenities. Work out on your own or with a trainer at Olympus.

Grasslands & Walking Trail

As a Green campus, we value and embrace our outdoor space. 

Our half-mile walking path circling the pond on the northeast corner of CityGate Centre is a favorite amenity among campus tenants.

Come by. Enjoy lunch. Walk it off.

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